Our kennel is situated 40 km away from Nürnberg / Germany.

All our dogs lives with us in the house as a full family member. Our house has 480 square meters floor area and nearly 10.000 square meters garden so our dogs have much place to play and have fun the hole day.

Our goal is to breed high quality bulldogs. We hope you enjoy your stay and visit us again for some news.
If you have some questions about the breed or anything else you are welcome to contact us

Our puppies are placed in carefully selected homes.Before buying a bulldog please inform about the breed. Bulldogs are not the right dogs for everyone.

All our pups are sold with pedigree,microchip,EU Passport dewormed and vaccinated.

The pup can be shipped too.Shipping coasts are extra and have to be paid by the new owner.
The pup will not leave our home before he is paid in full. Reservations are welcome.

Please contact us for more informations.

Last Update: 09.03.2014 / French Bulldog Males