Puppies Available :

Male puppies AY/at may Dd available out of
Shrinkabulls Dynomite

Female puppies out of Shrinkabulls Dynomite
available  AY/at may Dd

Mc Louds Saphira & Shrinkabulls Dynomite geb.: 20.04.2014

1 male in black and tan  & 2 females in
redsable AY/at may . Dd available


BORN 14.03.2014 out of Shrinkabulls Dynomite AT/AT Dd and Mc Louds Salt N Pepper AY/AY

7 males / 3 fameles ay/at maybe Dd



Shrinkabulls Dynomite  at / at Dd  & Mc Louds Sweet
Kiss AY/AY Dd

1 male in bluesilver ay/at dd and 1 female in
sable ay/at maybe Dd



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